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A newspaper cutting from over ten years ago P1070998.JPG



On 22 and 23 June The Analogue Web Portal was launched Live at Oriel Davies Gallery. I took part as part of the Real Institute expert team. It was a really interesting in terms of questioning the role of the internet, how it works, and how we use it. At the talk after the event, […]

An interview with artist Steffan Jones-Hughes | ROBERTSWORLD.

A short animation by Steffan Jones-Hughes Angie Lewin St Judes Mark Hearld Related articles Design Notebook: Teapots in wonderland ( Inky Prints (

New Watercolours 2011.

We put up the Christmas tree at Oriel Myrddin, Carmarthen this weekend. The tree is papier mâchéd and is covered in old bottles with drawings on them. I really like the idea of taking one tree, covering it in recylcled paperbacks and decorating with discarded bottles. There’s so much narrative there. The tree was ours […]


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