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                                             One of the strange by-products of the digital revolution that we are going through at the moment is that no one seems to know how big anything […]

The Round Tower. Video from Culture Night P1070791.JPG I liked these paintings in an exhibition in the Round Tower P1070793.JPG P1070794.JPG Here’s a video of the opening of “up up ups” a local art exhibition based on TOWERS by the association of artists called PRO Man has built countless towers throughout history. Towers […]

In 1990, Copenhagen Airport was awarded the Danish Design Council’s IG Prize for best Airport signage. The prize was given in recognition of the airport’s consistent signage design and visual identity, which made it easy for passengers to find their way about the building. It was designed by Professor Per Mollerup.

Blueberry Tart from The Nordic Bakery from Ellie Jones-Hughes on Vimeo.

On 22 and 23 June The Analogue Web Portal was launched Live at Oriel Davies Gallery. I took part as part of the Real Institute expert team. It was a really interesting in terms of questioning the role of the internet, how it works, and how we use it. At the talk after the event, […]

Just watched the rather wonderful Ring of Bright Water on iplayer.

Stroom in Den Haag is currently showing the last exhibition in a compelling series of projects called Foodprint, which addresses the way we deal with food in contemporary society, particularly in an urban environment. The final exhibition, Food Forward, asks what our relationship to food might be in the future, a valid question in a […]

The Deutsche Guggenheim is to close. The partnership between Deutsche Bank and the Guggenheim Foundation has come to an end it was announced last month. Wangenchi Mutu won Deutsche Bank’s Artist of the Year in 2010 and had a show in the museum. Mutu counters the manifest idea that she is perhaps an “African” artist […]

‘Ink & Paper’ documentary by Ben Proudfoot – A Blog about Typography, Letterpress and Printing History | News from Typoretum. Related articles Video: ‘Ink and Paper’ Explores How the Last Remaining Letterpress and Paper Shop in Downtown Scrape By ( The Shop ( Hazel and Violet Ink ( Encouraging Words for 2012 (

We put up the Christmas tree at Oriel Myrddin, Carmarthen this weekend. The tree is papier mâchéd and is covered in old bottles with drawings on them. I really like the idea of taking one tree, covering it in recylcled paperbacks and decorating with discarded bottles. There’s so much narrative there. The tree was ours […]


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