Freaky Friday


Had a bit of a day today. I read on Jeanette Winterson’s ebulletin thingy that according to my horoscope I should avoid something on the 12th well maybe it was going in the car because I got it ready to go to Llangollen to collect some work from a touring exhibition called Double Vision and the timing belt went! I’ve only just had new headlights!

We have an enclosure nearby where wild Prezwalski horses roam in the forest. This week was the first time I’d seen them, they are incredible and the they help to keep the vegetation down on a prehistoric monument in the forest. It was amazing to see them in the snow, they are so stocky with thick coats and their mane sticks up on top, not like domesticated horses.

I’ve been looking through Sarah Bodman’s brilliant Book Arts Newsletter from UWE CFPR.

There’re some really interesting things in it which I’m going to have a look at on the web. Highly recommended.

Had a good look at an interesting site recommended by my friend on the work of Ben Hartley

the pdfs of sketchbooks are wonderful, really interesting to see someone’s personal, private work.

I added some photos to a Flickr account this week…nothing new but quite comprehensive. You can find it from my links.

And finally, busy trying to organise a Printmaking Symposium for the Print Centre this week…which reminds me, I must add links to our collaborative project blogs on a-n.


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