Shortest Day


The Moon

A TreeIt’s the shortest day of the year. It’s cold, wet and dark. Quite a change from the magnificent moon we had last week. This is a very long exposure shot (ie it’s blurry). Had a walk at Portmeirion today. so lovely, but i’ve got a cold and it’s made me feel really tired. The village was very busy and I love the peace and quiet. while we were having lunch a robin came right up to us and we could see how delicate his feathers were and how thin his legs were. you got a sense of the wonder of how light small birds are. I love the robins at Portmeirion, they are so tame.

Two items of work news this week, well three actually. I have had a piece accepted for the British International Miniprint Exhibition, wahoooo! I have never shown in this before so this is quite exciting. I am also going to be in an exhibition in Chapel Row Gallery in Bath in early spring, and I can’t remember the other thing?! drat! Oh my car is fixed, hurrah!! and I have collected the work from the Double Vision Exhibition. The next thing is to get the work together for a 4 Printmakers show at Theatr Clwyd in January. The exhibition at Gallery is on over Christmas until 10th January.

The Christmas tree (above) is on my regular walk. I also made the star below from a sweet wrapper. I thought it was so simple. The gold looked luxurious. When I was walking past the tree the other day a shoot drove past. the line of land rovers and range rovers were on their way to the hall for lunch and in the trailer at the back of the line was the most beautiful and sad site. a bed of dead pheasants, their soft deep feathers like gold and silver.

A StarOh I remember, the other thing was that I put in  another Arts Council Funding application and have been turned down again. that’s twice this year. It’s so disappointing. I really want to develop my visual arts practice and need the support in order to develop new skills and move on to the next level. It’s really heartbreaking. I won’t give up, but it’s hard.


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