Oriel Davies


I had a visit to Oriel Davies Gallery in Newtown last week to see the latest exhibitions on there.


These Valued Landscapes is a really interesting touring show from Bury St Edmunds Gallery. I particularly liked Idris Kahn’s work which referenced the obsessive photography of The German husband and wife team, Bemd and Hilla Becher, who have been collaborating since the late 1950s, photographing industrial architecture. Kahn superimposes layer upon layer of images to create images that have an unsettling atmosphere, remeniscent of large scale charcoal drawings. Find some of his images at http://www.fraenkelgallery.com/?gclid=CKbWzIS8nZgCFQgrlAod-zDwng

I also enjoyed seeing the infocus gallery piece called “Sea Breathing” by Helen Grove-White, an artist I hadn’t heard of, based in North Anglesey and as the website says, “Sea Breathing is at once contemplative and meditative. Focusing on the human breath as the ultimate expression of our being, the artist has created a video and accompanying soundtrack to induce in the viewer a profound sense of oneness with the gentle rhythms of the sea.”

I’m very interested in her work, more of which can be seen at http://www.helengrovewhite.co.uk/gallery_81123.html

Also on show a sensitive collection of photographs by David Gepp. I thought that the ideas behind these prints were beautiful, reminded me of Wiliiam Blake, “the world in a grain of sand”.

All of the exhibitions are on until 14th February 2009


2 Responses to “Oriel Davies”

  1. Hi Steffan its nice to see that you have got yourself a blog together. Now I really ought to be getting off to bed before the electric blanket goes off. I must post my printmaking house up on my blog soon but its just that I have been frantically trying to finish some prints for the Guanlan exhib submission in China …one can only try. Oh the houses got accepted for the No toxico exhibition in Mexico which of course I was very pleased about. Did you submit to the miniprint.? I did and thought oh well I’ll probably not get selected but I will give it a shot and it worked. Anyway got to go now – just thought that I’d make contact.

    take care


    • 2 steffanjoneshughes

      Hi Aine,
      How busy you have been. Yes,
      I got a piece into the miniprint exhib. I can’t wait to see this house! Mexico, China… where next? good to hear from you, can you give me a link to your blog, I’m so lazy, I find it really hard to find stuff on the web. Can you look into the feasability of getting down to Wrexham to do a course for us… it’ll be autumn/spring/summer 2010.

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