Inspired Responses


Visited the exhibition I’m in at the Brindley this afternoon, in Runcorn. The exhibition shows the work of students from Wade Deacon High School who were inspired by my work. Louise Hesketh, Arts Officer had done a wonderful job of putting the work up. It all looked really professional. I got talking to Claire Weetman who had been working with Fairfield School. Her work was really interesting. Lots of layered images relating to movement. I also met up with Lesley Hayes from Fairfield, who I had worked with on a project for the Liverpool 08 City of Culture last summer. The work had developed into an animation that was screened as part of an event at St Georges Hall. Apparently some of our images had been projected onto the sides of buildings at the end of year party in the centre of Liverpool.

Anyway, working at Wade Deacon was a pleasure. The students and teachers involved in this project were really engaged and responsive. I went in and gave a bit of a talk about my work, and the Print Centre and where my ideas come from. I talked about how when I was in my early teens I could spend ages watching raindrops racing down the window pane, and as I knelt on my bed looking out I wondered what it would be like to be a bird: I wouldn’t have to worry about anything and I could just fly around being fed until one day a cat would pounce and in less than no time I’d be gone. I talked about how my work develops out of real events into imagined stories. This seemed to strike a chord with the group and we began to make prints and drawings that explored individual and collaborative storytelling.
I showed the group how to make some monoprints and collographs and we began to use the press that was in the classroom. This was quite exciting because the press had been out of use for some time.

Click here for a truly horrible picture of me in the Runcorn and Widnes World.


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