Four Printmakers, Theatr Clwyd, Mold


Oriel Clwyd Theatr Cymru

The four printmakers exhibition is now on. I’ve included some photos

Gallery view Theatr Clwyd, Four Printmakers


3 Responses to “Four Printmakers, Theatr Clwyd, Mold”

  1. Hello again Steffan

    All I can see here is the photo thats showing a general view of the exhibition? Should there be others viewable? I am not sure about wordpress’s blogs because it seems one can not click on the photos in the blog post to see them larger and also it doesnt seem possible to click on links. I looked up the chapelrow gallery web address to see mor einfo about the bees and eggs exhibition but there wasnt anything much to see.

    Your stuff in jars/bottles seems really interesting do you have them posted anywhere else that I could see them at a reasonable size.

    Sorry to be complaining so much but its just frustrating – I suppose one gets used to a certain standard of web “friendliness”.
    Oh by the way I also have had enough of the snow and want it to bugger off as my garage studio is extremely cold to work in. I mean its almost impossible. Even my bones are cold!!


  2. 2 steffan

    you could always take a look at my flickr pages…

  3. 3 steffanjoneshughes

    by the way…the bottles are quite small on the whole, and I haven’t uploaded more photos of the four printmakers exhibition because the lighting in the space was so hard to photograph in…i might put some more up. I haven’t decided yet.
    Sign the petition for Harrow though!!!

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