Ruthin Craft Centre, Age of Experience


Photo Ellie Jones-Hughes

Photo Ellie Jones-Hughes

Click here to go to a my review of the Age of Experience exhibition at Ruthin Craft Centre.

Age of Experience
24 January –
29 March 2009

15 senior makers
7 disciplines
3 gallery spaces
1 exhibition

Why are British crafts so highly regarded internationally?

This exhibition shows work by fifteen leading makers from the generation that established that reputation. It offers a glimpse of the imagination and breadth of possibilities in the field of ‘making’.

Each maker – whether using wood, clay, glass, metal, thread, or willow has a standing gained through years of working at their craft with dedication and uncompromising purpose; all share a passion.

Their work has been seen in exhibitions, in publications and in public collections world-wide; their influence has been hugely formative and inspirational. Many have also stimulated a new generation through teaching.

The curator, Mary La Trobe- Bateman has chosen these senior makers; Fred Baier, Svend Bayer, Gordon Baldwin, Richard La Trobe- Bateman, Caroline Broadhead, Peter Collingwood, David Drew, Elizabeth Fritsch, Walter Keeler, Annette Meech, Mary Restieaux, Michael Rowe, Richard Slee, David Watkins, and Christopher Williams; to show the variety and vitality of the applied arts across seven disciplines in an exhibition that celebrates their impact on the development of the field of craft.

It is an eclectic choice that stems from the visual impact of the work and particularly from its ability to surprise and challenge.

A specially commissioned publication has been produced to coincide and will be available to purchase from the Retail Gallery.


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