Sense of Place


Last week I had a meeting to discuss a collaborative print project which I set up last October. A Sense of Place involved artists from the Regional Print Centre, in Wrexham, the Fine Art Department at Wirral Met, Fine Art students at the University of Wales, Bangor and initially Glyndwr University in Wrexham. Unfortunately the Glyndwr contributors were unable to continue.

The idea behind the project was that each artist would be paired randomly with someone else and asked to work on the theme in collaboration with their partner.

The meeting in the Yale Memorial Gallery

The meeting in the Yale Memorial Gallery

Alongside the project a blog was established. This is one of a number of blog based projects that I have initiated on the a-n artists talking website (follow the links on the right to follow the blogs themselves). I am really interested in the way that collaborative projects can be documented through the use of technology. The idea with this project was to explore the idea of Sense of Place either, mentally, geographically, physically or conceptually. Partnered artists either knew each other already and met on a weekly basis, did not know each other, they could be based in the same geographical area, or they may be up to 150 miles apart. Through the use of the blog, telephone, text, letter information was passed between the partners. Initially artists were invited to a meeting and to go away after that meeting in October to produce a piece of work that explored the theme. In January artists were invited to exchange a piece of work and to respond to their partners ideas/image/concept. All of the artists have worked in different ways, some have chosen to work collaboratively on a piece or pieces of work, some have developed work that is informed by their partner’s research. All found the experience to be an interesting way in which to open up new ideas.

I now want to have a short time to consider how we move forward. The body of work produced so far is really interesting and would make a really interesting exhibition or publication. The project will inform a presentation at the Print Symposium, taking place in Wrexham on May 15th. Editor of a-n artists talking, Tate online editor and artist Andrew Bryant and FACT curator of participation and Axis board member Patrick Fox will both be contributors to the discussion.

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