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On the way back from the South we pulled into a side street on the outskirts of Oxford. What a delight to have come across one of the most interesting pieces of Brit art public art. We were simply wanting to have a look at the charity shops which appeared to be in abundance on […]

H’s exams


So very proud of my clever daughter. She’s managed to get A*s in Welsh and Textiles. Imagine that… A traditional quilter in the making.

I really enjoyed seeing Richard Wilson’s public artwork in Liverpool. There is something extraordinary about seeing a Yates Wine Lodge, with a huge great hole cut out of the side, that magically manages to rotate in circle, before your very eyes. There is an element of the spectacle about this work and when I went […]

Seville (Doors)


I got fascinated by doors and shop fronts on my recent trip to Seville.

A link through to info about Cornel Celf a Chrefft at the National Esiteddfod in Bala. Thanks a lot to Carwyn, Lowri and Gwenno. Diolch yn fawr iawn! Find the website in the links at the side. Llongyfarchiadau i Carwyn, Lowri ag Elfyn! Carwyn yn Golwg Found this nice bit on a blog. Thanks for […]

A few things…


I’m working with found books again at the moment. I feel I really want to bring them forward now and possibly build on them as a narrative. In Seville I saw a tile on a shop that’d had the face damaged, this interested me because it seemed to loose identity. In the same way that […]

The current exhibition at Modern Art Oxford is a show of 92 Polaroid photographs by Robert Mapplethorpe. It was really interesting to see so many of these works in one place. There is a particular aesthetic at play. Some of the compositions, well actually all of them, were beautiful. I particularly loved a portrait […]