East beach cafe


Just got back from a visit to see a friend in littlehampton. The east beach cafe was designed and completed by Thomas heatherwick in June 2007. The building is sited on the beach front and makes reference to driftwood, sand, sea, ripples, dunes, rocks. It is an outstanding addition to a traditional seaside town. It is made from mild steel, which has then been rusted and treated to protect it from the elements. The building was constructed in the town by local men, brought to the site and welded together. The whole process took 18 months. I would highly recommend a visit, and a meal or cup of coffee. The views are stunning!

The same person owns west beach cafe which is a walk away, down the river arun, over the footbridge and back up river. This was also commissioned by an architect, Asif Khan, and serves excellent chips! The views again are incredible. You can follow a link to it from the website above.  http://www.dezeen.com/2008/10/17/west-beach-cafe-by-asif-khan/


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