A few things…


I’m working with found books again at the moment. I feel I really want to bring them forward now and possibly build on them as a narrative.

In Seville I saw a tile on a shop that’d had the face damaged, this interested me because it seemed to loose identity. In the same way that a mask can be used to disguise by removal of features, this figure became no one and at the same time anyone. I like this and it’s something I’ve been thinking about for ages. I keep going back to the image and it reminds me of how terrorists and freedom fighters hide their faces, women in burkha, the masked ball in Venice. (It’s two years now since J and I went to see the bienalle.), actors and performers. Somehow the absence of features allows you to project onto something more.

I’m also really looking at doors at the moment. Entrances and exits. In the same way that masks hide, so do doors. In a way they say so much about the people who live behind them, but at the same time they only say what the owner wants outsiders to think. They give an impression.

I had a run up the hill the other day and I got to thinking about all of the berries that are around at the moment. If my lifetime equated to the natural cycle I must now be in the August of my life.

And finally, when we visited k in Seville he drove us up to Aracena where we were able to see this iconic bull on the hillside like a paper cut out.


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