Northern Print Bienalle Catalogue


My work has recently returned from Newcastle and I was also sent a copy of the excellent catalogue. It is an excellent publication by Northern Print ISBN 978-0-9555846-4-0

In the Foreword by Frances Carey, Senior Consultant for Public Engagement at the British Museum, describes my work as;

“a wonderfully expressive Bird Series of sugar-lift aquatints”.


2 Responses to “Northern Print Bienalle Catalogue”

  1. Hello again Steffan

    I hadn’t realized that you were ‘selected’ for the Northern Print Bienial. Well done!!. I once saw Frances Carey on a train journey although, she didnt know I recognized her. I had been in touch with her about my prints – many years previously. But never got round to going down to the british museum to show her my works in person.

    But anyway I saw all the works that were selected for the biennial on their website. I had submitted photos of my ARAN print installation and of course was disappointed not to be selected…..I noticed that there were not any print installations selected although I seem to remember there maybe was one large-ish 3d printmaking based object?

    Did you take any photos of the exhibition in situ ? Maybe you were not able to go up and see the show in person ?

    What I like about your work is its poetic nature and imaginative forms.

    take care


    • 2 steffanjoneshughes

      Hi there Aine, yes I was selected so that was a bit of a thrill!
      Sadly my work was in the part of the show that closed on the 15th August. I didn’t get a chance to get up to Newcastle this summer, but a friend went and said it was interesting. sorry you didn’t get in, it’s like that isn’t it…so many rejections, so little time. Thank you for your kind words of support. I’ve added a link through to your blog and website, so if you’d like to recipricate, that’d be great.
      Bye for now

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