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Spent two days with Catherine Kleeli this week. Catherine was running a really great workshop at the Regional Print Centre in Gum Arabic Transfer Printing. It’s a process that allows you to print from photocopies in a process not dissimilar to lithography. I went down to Carmarthen and visited Oriel Myrddin (see review on a-n), […]

Press Release A Winter’s Tale 6 November/Tachwedd 2009 6pm Nadolig yn Oriel Myrddin Gallery Noson o oleuadau yn pefrio, gwin twym, a chacennau sinsir – a chyfle arbennig i chi gael golwg ar ein casgliad gaeaf ysbrydoledig a fforddiadwy . . . sydd i’r dim ar gyfer anrhegion Nadolig unigryw. Mae nosweithiau hir y gaeaf […]

The Artists Book Collection at MMU in Manchester is fantastic. I spent a wonderful afternoon in there last week just looking at folds!

We went to Manchester the other day and as we were walking around we came across the bizarre sight of a number of Michael Jackson lookalikes walking near the Triangle shopping centre. I saw a few things that I really liked as we walked through the Northern Quarter. There are increasing numbers of retro shops […]



                                        It’s well and truly Autumn. I love the way these berries have such an intense redness against the grey of the road surface. It creates an uplifting warmth as you walk through.

I had an email from a-n this week which described me as a “veteran reviewer”. Here’s the message with a link to the review. Dear Steffan Jones-Hughes, Lots of writer offers at the bottom so do scroll down… News As part of our series on critical writing Rachel Lois Clapham has produced an experimental […]

Mesmeric is my word for today. This bloody wordpress app for ipods keeps losing everything I write. I spent all morning making notes on it and they just disappeared. Visited Ceri Hand Gallery this morning to see Bedwyr Williams exhibition Nimrod. That is very special, like entering an alternative universe. Bedwyr’s work has a rye […]