Rolf, Curwen and American Scene


I got it a while ago, but I just wanted to share my personal message from Rolf Harris. (Thank you so much M & Sx).

Rolf has recently completed a print with the Curwen Press and the message is in the front of the book by Alan Powers, published by Tate. There’s a really good event, that took place at Tate to celebrate 50 years of the Press, available to download. It features Stanley Jones, (another Wiganer, along with John Purcell, my favourite paper supplier, Sir Ian McKellen, my favourite Gandalf, and Stuart Maconie, whose book Pies and Prejudice I have just finished reading and can highly recommend) and Paula Rego.

On Saturday I went to see the American Scene, a really good survey of American Printmaking from the British Museum, at the Whitworth. It’s on until December 13th and shows the development of printmaking from the 1900s through to the Abstract Expressionists. I was lucky enough to get a guided tour of the exhibition by David Morris, Head of Collections, but sadly couldn’t stay for a cup of tea with him as my daughter insisted on us getting to Afflecks Palace before it closed. Anyway, as ever, it was fascinating to hear his insights into the exhibition and good to see him. I’m just about to start reading the excellent catalogue.

Also outside the Whitworth is the beautiful Flailing Trees by Gustav Metzger, which was commissioned as part of the Manchester International Festival. It’s an enigmatic reflection on our current environmental situation. 21 Willow trees are inverted in concrete, their roots becoming dry branches. Such a simple idea inverts all of our perceptions and creates a powerful and contemplative visual statement.

There’s a survey of his work at the Serpentine until November 8th.DSC_0014.JPGDSC_0015.JPGDSC_0016.JPG

I thought about it all the next day as I was stacking logs in our woodshed for the coming winter, which, although beautiful in this part of north Wales, fills me with dread more each year.DSC_0019.JPGDSC_0018.JPG


One Response to “Rolf, Curwen and American Scene”

  1. 1 pam

    was thinking of a trip to manchester tomorrow…..will certainly go now

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