The Big Freeze


New Year. We have been under snow for nearly 4 weeks. We have almost run out of oil, the windows have been frozen for days and it feels like Doctor Zhivago. On top of all this I have had a horrible chest infection that I’m still suffering with.

Interesting things:
Bird in the House wrote a really nice blogpost about me last week. Check it out and see what she wrote. The piece called Fragility is going to Westgate Studios, Wakefield for the Artwalk on 25th January. It will be in an exhibition called “Collect” curated by Victoria Lucas. Victoria is currently a member of the The Berlin Office, which is an artist-led organization based in Germany. Check out her work on Axis.
Link to event information.

Polaroid stuff
We got some great Polaroid parcels the other day. The film is getting really hard to come by but we got a couple of films for E, and H bought a PoGo instant printer.

I now have a youtube page. I’ve been posting short films from the past few months on there.
I’ve put a short film of something I’ve been working on called Sometimes Perhaps Magic Happens.
This is a still from a slide show film on youtube about a glass I found.

The Snow
It has been so thick for so long. The spareness is incredible. Everything is clear. Ice hangs from every surface, objects are spiky with sharp crystals, birds are fluffed to protect their fragile bones and friendly like beggars.

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