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New Hat


I have a marvelous new hat from the Laird in Columbia Road, London. Advertisements

On another afternoon we walked across the fields at the front of the house. A freezing mist had hung close to the village all day. We chased the last rays of the day through the gate and across the fields. The dying sun apricot on the snow casting turquoise shadows. Gorse bushes were heavy with […]

2010 has been a weird year. One thing for sure it’s been cold. I’m going to post a few things here. The first is a link to a Radio 3 Podcast on iTunes. I strongly recommend you download Tom Service’s excellent Welsh Christmas programme to listen to while reading. We went to collect holly just […]

Merry Christmas


You can see some of Jeanette’s new work on her Axis Profile including a beautiful snowdrop animation in memory of her Grandmother, Evelyn.