Christmas Tree commission, Oriel Myrddin 2011


We put up the Christmas tree at Oriel Myrddin, Carmarthen this weekend.
The tree is papier mâchéd and is covered in old bottles with drawings on them. I really like the idea of taking one tree, covering it in recylcled paperbacks and decorating with discarded bottles. There’s so much narrative there. The tree was ours last Christmas and we left it outside in January for all the needles to drop. The paperbacks were old damaged books that had been read and discarded. I like the idea of the connection between tree and paper. Covering it in white gave a feeling of snow, but also defined the structure and made it like a drawing of a tree. The shadows are really interesting. The bottles are old. They’ve been collected over the past few months and given new life. They now take on a magical quality, catching the light. Each bottle has a new drawn label.
Steffan Jones-Hughes and Jeanette Orrell 2011
Oriel Myrddin


7 Responses to “Christmas Tree commission, Oriel Myrddin 2011”

  1. A wonderfully inventive notion for an alternative, celebratory tree, and moreover marvellously executed. I’d so enjoy looking at it in detail, which for me is what a Christmas tree should be all about. Craft wedded to imagination with lots of surprises thrown in! I hate those posh, tasteful trees covered in boringly tasteful baubles. Yours ROCKS!

  2. Steffan, you should arrange things so that when you leave a comment on other peoples’ websites, a click on your name will bring them straight here to see yours. (Click on my name above and you’ll get taken straight to my blog.) It works well and makes for lots of traffic!

    • 4 steffanjoneshughes

      Thanks Clive, I’ll try to work it out. I do get a lot of traffic to my blog already but every little helps. Best wishes

  3. Unfortunately not. I’ve checked by clicking on your name at my WordPress site, and it just yields your profile, not you blog. You need to make a link straight to this site. I think you can do that by linking directly from your profile.

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