the second best time: Talking with Peter Hook


the second best time: Talking with Peter Hook.

A great personal post from “the second best time” looking at growing up in the late seventies / early eighties and what music meant to us. Great to read a personal perspective on what it’s like to interview your musical hero. Fascinating stuff about Peter Hook, Joy Division, New Order and the burgeoning music scene in Bedford circa 1982: Teardrop Explodes, Echo and the Bunnymen. Reminded me of Erics and Probe Records in Liverpool. Is Bedford near Basildon? If I’m right, wonder if, at the gigs, second best time ever came across Vince Clarke or “Alf” Alison Moyet whose first LP as Yazoo (post departure from Depeche Mode) was Upstairs at Erics referencing the club in Liverpool?


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  1. Bedford not really near Basildon – though again smallish towns of ugly new houses, no proper venue – a small group of outsiders trying to escape drudgery and mean minded. Too find something transcendent on the dung heap of modern life… Fertile ground for Joy Division then… One thing I should have said is that – lovely and entertaining though Peter H is, I still think it’s a mistake for him to tour Unknown Pleasures and Closer with him singing. A little like BIll Wyman touring Beggar’s Banquet. Or Ringo singing Sgt Pepper… Possibly interesting-ish but hugely unnecessary…

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