The Box of Delights


20th December, The Box of Delights | Spitalfields Life.

I was delighted to read Paul Bommer’s post in Spitalfields Life this morning. The Box of Delights by John Masefield has been one of my favourite stories for such a long time. We sat down just the other evening and watched the DVD of the 80s BBC production. I find it such an inspiring story, and one that would surely translate well to the big screen at some point. Paul Bommer gives a good outline of the story if you haven’t read it.

John Masefield wrote two adventures of Kay Harker. The first, “The Midnight Folk“, is also good but in “The Box of Delights” he somehow managed to combine the language and mores of the 1930s with a ripping good story. I once made a small Box of Delights book… I daresay “I shall have it under my hand today”, the other evening we were inspired to make a posset, and we quite often use the phrase “time and tide and buttered eggs wait for no man”.

The BBC used Hely Hutchinson‘s Carol Symphony in the television series and this has become one of my favourite pieces of Christmas music over the years.


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