Archive for February, 2012 Inside the blackened ruin of Kabul‘s cultural centre, a spray-painting of a woman in a burqa sits at the foot of a staircase to nowhere, beside a line of poetry mourning everything that has been lost to Afghanistan in three decades of violence. The painting is the work of Shamsia Hassani, 24, probably her […]

Homemade Snickers Bars | How Sweet It Is. Not my usual posting, but I couldn’t wait to share these delicious lookings lumps of chocolatey gooiness with you. Wonderful photography.

Huguenot Editions : Original Print Studio and Gallery : South London. I think the new Boshier etchings with Simon Lawson at Hugenot Editions look lovely.

This is a fascinating podcast from BBC Radio 3. It lasts 15 minutes and is fantastic. It forms part of a series of programmes. It’s available to download from the iTunes store. Www. The male nude in Africa is a vexed, political question. So its perhaps inevitable that the writer and broadcaster, Gabriel Gbadamosi has […]

Lost in Lace


Lost in Lace Related articles building lace (

These were a few of the things that I liked as I walked around London Art Fair Tom Hammick Hut by the motorway / 2005 / oil on linen / 24 x 30 cm There were two beautiful Eileen Cooper paintings on Art First’s stand Elfyn Lewis Phillip Allen Etchings An amazing David Jones. The […]