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LE GUN – Contributions LE GUN is open to submissions. We are looking for short stories, illustrations and anything in-between. The next deadline for submissions July 2013. There is no brief, but here are some suggested ingredients… A Recipe for Disaster Blinded by the light, doppelgängers & rat pâté, brown helmets, long lenses & short […]

Oscar Wilde wrote: “The play was a great success but the audience was a total failure”. You must find the right customers to fit with your creativity, ambitions and values. Is your creative product selling? What should you do if your performance, product or service doesn’t sell? Change the offering, or change the audience? This […] Every maker has bitter experience of pricing their work too high or too low. Pricing formulas range from the scientific, to the gut, to sheer guesswork. Put the creative stuff to one side and gather your receipts for this essential exercise. Find the base price of your work Calculate the time it takes to […]

Saxelby Cheese « the selby. a lovely photostory about a great cheese shop in NYC The house that haunts my imagination is a small wooden cabin on a snow-covered hillside in Sogn go Fjordane, on the coast of Norway. It appears to be about 8ft x 12ft; its gabled roof is covered in vegetation; smoke drifts from a narrow chimney. And then there’s the view: it looks out over […]