Close up: Robert Pattinson: the new Peter O’Toole?


Interesting to see that Robert Pattinson is to play TE Lawrence who lived in the same house as my dad.


Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson: the new Peter O’Toole?

Robert Pattinson: looking less vampiric by the day Photograph: Art+Commerce/Nathaniel Goldberg

Robert Pattinson has signed on to play TE Lawrence – better known as Lawrence of Arabia – in Queen of the Desert, a new film by Werner Herzog.

Unlike David Lean‘s Lawrence of Arabia, which featured an Oscar-nominated performance from Peter O’Toole in the title role, Herzog’s film will be a biopic of the formidable Middle East adventurer Gertrude Bell, often described as “the female Lawrence of Arabia.”

Naomi Watts will be taking the lead role – but is Pattinson a suitable choice to follow in O’Toole’s footsteps? Responses from Guardian readers have ranged from the dismissive to the cautiously optimistic. However, judging by R-Patz’s reticent turn on the celeb circuit this week – see ‘ Robert Pattinson’s press gigs include ice cream, cereal and not much else‘ – he’s got quite a way to go if he’s going to match up to the now–retired screen legend’s rather more hellraising reputation.


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