LE GUN Contributions


LE GUN – Contributions

LE GUN is open to submissions. We are looking for short stories, illustrations and anything in-between.

The next deadline for submissions July 2013. There is no brief, but here are some suggested ingredients…

A Recipe for Disaster

Blinded by the light, doppelgängers & rat pâté, brown helmets, long lenses & short memories, jazz monkeys, drug operas, the Middle of Nowhere, mort subite, wooden teeth, sex hooks, Plastic Bertrand, Don Ricardo, Segways & segues, The Great Monument to Transvestitism, flu remedies & shrapnel, the Jago, bum ghosts, cuckoo clocks, injuries sustained from small children, thin lips & polka dots, Chateau de Boy George, Tommy Cooper’s House, the Birdcage, jungle fever, turkish baths, sclerosis, the Bullshit Factuary, Tears for Fears 2, Celebrity Death Camp™, Pays de l’Or Noir, the Globe, the Costa del Dole, purgatory, the Edge of Time, Forest of Pop, blackout, path of excess, gok wan, Warburton’s lunatic asylum, red dogs, brown tape, Dalmatian Alley, Spirit of the Westway, the m25, ballardian suburbia, a buggers paradise, amnesia, the fry up of lost souls, love the provider, table grapes, Marlinspike, sex hooks, Palace of Wisdom, Hang-Man’s corner, pint of granddad, the Myth of Sisyphus, Marvin Gaye, monday morning, rubbers, gummas & delusions of grandeur, Mickey Mouse’s glass eye, George Michael’s cottage, soul rot, pinholes, fishcakes, Mr Lovepants, dementia, damnation, houmus and chips, space is deep, misused power station, Strummerville, cameo pleasure, Westsinister, gin floats, nightboat to Cairo…


Some simple rules for submissions…

1. Don’t send us original artwork until we contact you – small preview files are fine!

2. We will contact you if we are interested. Unfortunately we are not able to respond in person to all submissions.

3. LE GUN cannot pay you. We will however take good care of your work, pass on your details to those interested, and give you a unique platform.

4. The editors decision on work included is final. Postal / personal submissions should be sent to:

LE GUN studio, Buzzer #3

19 Warburton Road

London E8 3RT

Studio phone – +44 (0)208 985 6756 (no messages!)

Email – ammunition@legun.co.uk


All work submitted should allow for the page size of LE GUN. Images and stories generally use between 1-8 pages.

LE GUN dimensions are (including bleed):

double-page spread: 496 x 349mm landscape.

single page: 251 x 349mm portrait.

Digital sample files under 5mb in size can be emailed to the address above. For production art, the ideal digital image formats are uncompressed tiff or psd files, or illustrator files for those working in vector formats.

via LE GUN +44 (0)208 985 6756.


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