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No Fit State Circus P1070638.JPG P1070639.JPG P1070640.JPG P1070641.JPG P1070642.JPG P1070643.JPG P1070644.JPG P1070645.JPG P1070646.JPG P1070647.JPG P1070648.JPG P1070649.JPG P1070650.JPG P1070651.JPG P1070652.JPG P1070653.JPG P1070654.JPG P1070655.JPG P1070656.JPG P1070657.JPG P1070658.JPG P1070659.JPG P1070660.JPG P1070661.JPG P1070662.JPG P1070663.JPG P1070664.JPG P1070665.JPG P1070666.JPG P1070667.JPG P1070668.JPG P1070669.JPG P1070670.JPG P1070671.JPG P1070672.JPG P1070673.JPG P1070674.JPG P1070675.JPG P1070676.JPG P1070677.JPG P1070678.JPG P1070679.JPG P1070680.JPG P1070681.JPG P1070682.JPG P1070683.JPG P1070684.JPG P1070685.JPG P1070686.JPG P1070687.JPG […]

I went to the opening of the Liverpool Biennial last weekend. I’ve recently become Arts Manager for Wrexham County Borough Council. In that role I was invited by Axisweb to take part in their ACW funded Out and Beyond Programme. The programme aims to establish dialogue between artists and curators in the year of graduation […]

Can art save a city? Probably not, at least not in the way usually put forward by proponents of “culturally led regeneration”, the idea that some wacky sculptures and purposeless Kunsthalles can raise places from the mire. Then again, in Liverpool, a city that over decades has been punched in the face and kneed in […]

Anna Lewis | in conversation with Hannah Kelly Anna Lewis in conversation with Hannah Kelly HK | We’re delighted to welcome you back as an exhibitor at Mission Gallery; continuing our dialogue with you since your first solo exhibition with us in 2007. The work you have presented as Maker in Focus is aesthetically quite […]

Artist stories – Collect.   Meet the curator – Victoria Lucas from Axisweb on Vimeo.

Originally posted on New Music United:
“We Have All the Time in the World” is a James Bond theme and popular song sung by Louis Armstrong. Its music was composed by John Barry and the lyrics by Hal David. It is a secondary musical theme in 1969 James Bond film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service,…

A delightful Selby Film for NY Times T Magazine. Connie Green forages for food in the woods. We had a great time in the woods today and saw loads of different autumnal mushrooms in the dark under the trees. Related articles Edible Selby | Mushroom Hunting With Connie Green ( Mushrooms: A Wonderful World Of […]

by Lisa Samson We spy our first red squirrel huddled up an alder tree when we are looking for the dismantled railway path from Penton to Kershopefoot. The shy squirrel, so different from its grey brothers, is a welcome diversion from the overgrown scrub we’re trying to walk through. We give up on the railway […]