Nyhavn, Copenhagen


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Nyhavn is one of the most popular parts of Copenhagen, the new port is lined with brightly coloured buildings  and pavement cafes. We walked from Kongens Nytorv (Kings New Square) around the square as this is the site of major construction for the new Metro line. The building covered in lace is the French Embassy, Thotske Palace / Thott Palace. Charlottenborg, built for Frederik III’s half brother in Dutch Baroque style is also in Kongens Nytorv. It is the former location of the Architectural School and now contains the Art School, Charlottenborg Udstillingshal and Café Charlottenborg.

Nyhavn docks were constructed in 1670 as an encouragement to trade and shipping, with a new canal going from the harbour of Copenhagen to Kongens Nytorv. Along the quays, houses have been built on the two different sides – one side contains Charlottenborg castle and blocks of flats, which belong to the bourgeoisie; and on the other side, there are houses built of timber, and picturesque buildings. Up to the 1950s and 1960s, many houses were situated here, but no so-called decent people would have ever ventured into this part of town after dark. In that very same period, poets praised that very quality of the old Nyhavn in songs like “Nu går våren gennem Nyhavn”. Today, this side of Nyhavn has become fashionable. The quay has been turned into a pedestrian street and the harbour basin has been opened for old sailing ships. Excellent restaurants and cafés have opened; and especially in the summer, the quay is crowded with people having a good time. Today, if you are interested in buying property in this part of town, you have to be more than well-off. One of the most famous residents of Nyhavn was the fairy-tale writer Hans Christian Andersen. You can take tours departing from Nyhavn on the canal tour boats or Havnebussen to see many of the important sights around here, including Holmen.


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