Little Mermaid: Shock Picture Reveals All


I love this photo of the Little Mermaid. You can just about make out her tiny body in the middle of the large crowd. Like a bronze celebrity, the pint-sized princess is papped by her adoring fans from around the world, hounded by coach-loads and boatfuls as she tries to remain pensive and melancholic sitting on her rocky outcrop, knowing that her image will be splashed around the world via text and Twitter within seconds. She is resigned to her fame. There she sits, looking out to sea. She’s lost her head a few times, overly zealous followers, wanting a little too much, but you can’t see the scars from her invisible surgery. She’s had other bits of work done over the years, but in a way it reassures her that this pack of photographers still want her, they still come, more each year. And so she remains stoic. The rubbish collecting round the rock gets on her nerves, and the industrial backdrop never changes. Sometimes she feels like an actress caught with her skirt blowing up, but not just caught on film. For her its real. Sunbathing on her secluded vantage point every day of the year, wind, rain, sleet or snow. 24/7. It can be very exposing, she tries to not reveal too much, but you can see there’s a sadness there.

Fame can be so isolating.


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