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Carving out space 12th January – 10th March 2013 Ruthin Craft Centre Gallery 1, 2 & 3 Ornithology Gary Breeze letter forms Warwick Freeman jewellery Jim Partridge, Liz Walmsley furniture David Nash sculpture Guy Taplin carved birds Curated by Amanda Game Carving out space brings together six artists and makers who explore intellectual and physical […]

This is the perfect combination of subject matter, visuals, dialogue, humour, beauty and charm. The restoration of incredible wooden furniture is brought to life in an unexpected way. This is perhaps the best short film you will see all year… and it’s only January. It was filmed using a Nikon d70 using local stories, craftspeople […]

Interview with Will Brown, Co-Founder of Old Town Clothing | OEN.

Fork Handles


Secret Britain travel guide part one: outdoor artworks.

Hidden things to see and do in Britain two: Indoor murals.