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Maija is one of Finnish quartet Kardemimmit. This beautiful haunting song was performed as part of her final year at Music School. The magical instrument is the Kantele. Find them on Facebook and like them!

This post from Simon Martin’s blog has beautiful photographs of Paula Rego. I took these portraits of Paula Rego in her London studio a few years ago. Theatrical, feisty, charming, open, vulnerable and honest – she was as one might expect from her powerful paintings and pastel drawings. Although she is one of Britain and […]

Ossett Observer » In Praise Of Little Books. Ahhhh now, this next one is made by someone we love. Artist STEFFAN JONES-HUGHES, friend, one time co-worker, sporter of natty tank tops and wearer of an impressive beard. It’s hand made in the truest sense, the pages are cut and sewn by the artist and the […]

Icelandic contemporary composer Ólafur Arnalds created and released a new song, one per day for a whole week during the month of October 2011. The songs were recorded and filmed live in the living room of his Reykjavik apartment and released instantly for free as streamed videos and mp3 downloads. Ólafur Arnalds was responsible for […]