Print International on tour in Shrewsbury at Mansers








2 Responses to “Print International on tour in Shrewsbury at Mansers”

  1. Oh it’s really nice to see this Steffan, thanks so much! Often when going to Leeds, I could see the mansers building from the train! it’s so nice to be showing in there! unfortnatly I probably won’t get to see the show, but I shall see it in Carmarthen next month!
    Would you mind if I re-blog this on my blog please?
    p.s I have also shared via pinterest!

  2. Reblogged this on karasartisticaladventures and commented:
    I think this show has now moved on from Mansers, it shall next be At Orial Myrddin in Carmarthen, Wales from the 3rd of May until the 14th of June. A huge thanks to Steffan Jones Hughes for this piece, I’d recommend you to go and follow his blog, you won’t be disappointed!

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