@biennial Liverpool Day 1 Work in Progress


Going into the Old Blind School, you are presented with questions and dilemmas. Why are those ropes suspended from the ceiling? An ice machine keeps churning out blocks of ice, which it spews on the floor and melts leaving a wet patch in the main entrance… And then you start to think in metaphor. At the moment my life feels like that; working really hard to get things done, releasing them and just constantly thinking about the balance, a perpetual rigmarole. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Anyway, the building is amazing, a rambling two, or is it three, storey container for many a half told tale. The building is in that liminal space between derelict and refurbished, and the work looks beautiful in it. This is a quietly sophisticated, often melancholic exhibition, that, although often puzzling, allows me to find lightness in the darkness and potentially heavy subject matter. It’s an exhausting exhibition, that really needs time to fully reflect. There are a number of video/ film works and these require time to fully appreciate. It is possible to spend over two hours in here and still not have seen everything.

I particularly enjoyed seeing Judith Hopf’s work. The idea of using branches made of bronze to bring the suggestion that this is some enchanted castle, being overgrown with trees, or reflecting on the ongoing restoration work and suggesting a space left abandoned. These are quietly strong pieces that appear through the building.


Judith Hopf: The Sumac is like the Cherry Blossom Branch 2014
Commissioned by Liverpool Biennial 2014


Judith Hopf: Flock of Sheep, 2014


Judith Hopf


Judith Hopf: The Sumac is like the Cherry Blossom Branch 2014
Commissioned by Liverpool Biennial 2014


Image 2


Peter Wächtler


Christina Ramberg


Christina Ramberg


Christina Ramberg


Marc Bauer


Marc Bauer
Commissioned by Liverpool Biennial 2014


Marc Bauer
Commissioned by Liverpool Biennial 2014


Nicola L


Nicola L.


Nicola L.




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