Process was an exhibition I curated in 2004 for the Regional Print Centre at Yale College. It toured to 8 venues and was seen by over 89,000 people.

Process. Printmaking from the Regional Print Centre.

This exhibition of 41 small images is an exploration of the range of approaches available to artists who use printmaking processes as part of their visual practice. All of the artists have produced work at the Regional Print Centre at Yale College in Wrexham. Since 2002 the Regional Print Centre has been providing open access facilities to artists and designers who want to use the facilities in order to produce new work. This initiative came about through a creative partnership between Yale College of Wrexham and The Arts Council of Wales. The show features ten artists. Ann Bridges uses stencils to create her unique jewel-like monoprints. Louise Darcy creates mixed media intaglio pieces. Tara Dean, Brian Jones, Mary Low, and Luci Melegari all utilise screen processes. Brian Jones’ searing political statements make an interesting counterbalance to Luci Melegari’s images which are reminiscent of old postcards. Steffan Jones-Hughes’ etchings and aquatints explore “narratives without a story” and his work reflects imaginings and concerns about the world around us. Amy Sterly looks at the duality of shapes and forms in her drypoint prints, while Jeanette Orrell and Ian Williams are both exploring shapes in the landscape.


Steffan Jones-Hughes 2004


Ian Williams 2004


Ann Bridges 2004


Amy Sterly 2004

Jeanette Orrell 2004

Copyright remains with all the artists

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