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Material Matters September 28 – 16 November, 2013 Gwynedd Museum & Art Gallery Carwyn Evans, Sian Green, Iestyn Gruffudd, David Hastie, Helen Jones, Wanda Zyborska From across Wales, these six artists work in a diverse range of ways and question a certain ‘materiality’ in contemporary Welsh sculpture. Gwynedd museum’s collection provides a rich source for […]

I came across these voices who will be performing as part of Salt Song. Three voices • Presenting world music and folk in a contemporary costume • Creating unique moods with their original sound Røyst vocal quartet was established in Leeds in England 2002 where the four original members met through music studies. In 2011, […]

Greenpeace backs ‘wonderful’ giant snowball art 21 June, 2000 More from the scrapbook The artist Andy Goldsworthy has released 13 giant snowballs on the streets of the City of London. The 6-7 foot snowballs will be left to melt and public reactions recorded via webcam’s for broadcast on this site and at The snowballs […]

This is a fascinating podcast from BBC Radio 3. It lasts 15 minutes and is fantastic. It forms part of a series of programmes. It’s available to download from the iTunes store. Www. The male nude in Africa is a vexed, political question. So its perhaps inevitable that the writer and broadcaster, Gabriel Gbadamosi has […]

The Freud Museum ~ Exhibitions ~ Louise Bourgeois: The Return of the Repressed. Related articles Viggo Mortensen visits the Freud Museum ( The Freud Museum ~ Lucian Freud My Father January 25- March 4th ( Louise Bourgeois: The Spider, the Mistress and the Tangerine – directed by Marion Cajori – 2008 (

BBC – BBC Radio 4 Programmes – The Print Master. I met Susan up in Newcastle at Northern Print’s wonderful International Print Biennale. And actually as it happens I met Stanley Jones at the Curwen Press a little over 18 months ago. You can listen to what happened when Susan met Stanley on iPlayer for […]