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Ossett Observer » In Praise Of Little Books. Ahhhh now, this next one is made by someone we love. Artist STEFFAN JONES-HUGHES, friend, one time co-worker, sporter of natty tank tops and wearer of an impressive beard. It’s hand made in the truest sense, the pages are cut and sewn by the artist and the […]

This weekend is Focus Wales weekend in Wrexham, a four day music festival and conference held at multiple venues across the town. The festival showcases live performances by some of the best Welsh bands and international acts, alongside music industry panels and discussions. This is its 3rd year. So, you arrive in Wrexham on Friday […]

Conference report: Evidencing the Impact of the Arts | News | a-n. The arts sector in Wales, as elsewhere in the UK, is facing big challenges. It is more important than ever to show what benefits the arts can deliver. In England there is much anxious anticipation about what the next government spending review might bring for […]

Claire Curneen


As you may remember from a while back. I’m going through stuff and at the moment I’m going through old scrapbooks. I came across this article from 2001 when Claire Curneen won the Gold Medal for Craft at the Eisteddfod. I love her work. Particularly the St Sebastien pieces. There is a clear link between […]

I hate photos of me, so I was delighted when I saw this one from our recent trip to Malmö. (I didn’t know at the time, but it will be hosting the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. For more malmo stuff click here) The cap is a baker boys hat from the Laird on Columbia Road, […] Elizabeth Day The Observer, Sun 29 Jul 2012 00.05 BST Jennie Rooney is the first to admit she has something of a split personality. By day, she is an in-house lawyer for a television company. By night, she is something different altogether: a novelist. Typically, she will cycle into the office in central London, […]


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