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I’ve been making some new small pieces for the Cornel Celf…a chrefft stand at the Eisteddfod at the end of the month. I was interested in the idea of making something that linked with the landscape around me but also has a connotation with the idea of souvenirs and remember-alls.

I drew this the other day for my Mum and Dad.

A few things…


I’m working with found books again at the moment. I feel I really want to bring them forward now and possibly build on them as a narrative. In Seville I saw a tile on a shop that’d had the face damaged, this interested me because it seemed to loose identity. In the same way that […]

Sent the work down to Chapel Row Gallery in Bath this week for an exhibition called “Birds, Bees and Butterflies”. I’ve included some new egg drawings and bottle pieces. It felt a bit strange sending eggs through the post! Anyway it all arrived safely and Josie Reed, the Gallery person, likes them. It should be […]