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Ossett Observer » In Praise Of Little Books. Ahhhh now, this next one is made by someone we love. Artist STEFFAN JONES-HUGHES, friend, one time co-worker, sporter of natty tank tops and wearer of an impressive beard. It’s hand made in the truest sense, the pages are cut and sewn by the artist and the […]

Conference report: Evidencing the Impact of the Arts | News | a-n. The arts sector in Wales, as elsewhere in the UK, is facing big challenges. It is more important than ever to show what benefits the arts can deliver. In England there is much anxious anticipation about what the next government spending review might bring for […]

Can art save a city? Probably not, at least not in the way usually put forward by proponents of “culturally led regeneration”, the idea that some wacky sculptures and purposeless Kunsthalles can raise places from the mire. Then again, in Liverpool, a city that over decades has been punched in the face and kneed in […]

On 22 and 23 June The Analogue Web Portal was launched Live at Oriel Davies Gallery. I took part as part of the Real Institute expert team. It was a really interesting in terms of questioning the role of the internet, how it works, and how we use it. At the talk after the event, […]

SHOP: FOLKLORE OPENS SHOP IN ISLINGTON « LONDON DESIGN GUIDE. I like the look of this new shop in Islington. Related articles Folklore ( You might also be interested in this lovely film ‘You should have told me. We could have gone.” I’ve never been sure if I heard my father’s words correctly – they seem to belong to a later, moneyed age of easier and more spontaneous travel. On the other hand, the fact that I remember […]

A while ago I posted about the new development at Print Club in Dalston, East London. I went to have a look around recently and also had a look upstairs at the absorb arts studios. It looks great. The new development is a “hot-desk” type area suitable for designers and illustrators who want to set […]