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I was astounded by This is England ’86. Here was British television drama at its finest. The adult themes are strong and graphic. The lead character Lol was superbly played by Vicky McClure with excellent support cast including Rosamund Hanson as compassionate Queen of Hearts, Smell. Why can’t all British television be this good. Shane […]

I spent a couple of days in Liverpool last week and managed to see quite a lot of the Biennial. It’s not got the tranquility of carless roads that Venice has, or the heat of Sao Paolo but it is the second most visited Biennial and last time attracted well over a million visitors. The […]

The Dartboard for Witches is the current exhibition in Gallery 1 at Aberystwyth Arts Centre. It is open until September 18th. The exhibition features work which incorporates or references textiles as a medium and will be available to tour in the Autumn. For me the exhibition is quite confusing and disconnected, for which you could […]